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Suggestion for Cheater forum

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Suggestion for Cheater forum

Idk how others think about it, but i hate it a little bit that normal users can't write at articels here anymore. I had it now sometimes that i wrote a big text, then saved it but then it shows"i don't have rights to it" and hole work for writing the text was away. Or sometimes there could other players add proofes to a report which would make it clearer or give better proofes. Another point are useless articels. I mean some people post pretty uselees stuff like "jumping with lag", "report with just one screen", "story without any proof" or something else and then get angry because moderators(nothing against you) take some days to answer there, that it isn't punishable. I mean there should be at least some options to do it and i would have 3 ideas(maybe you have some too, how we could fix this problem.

1. We can write normal again here, but our posts will be send to a seperate place, where the cheater mods can take a look at them(just they see it) and can add this into their decision.

2. We can write normal again here, but our posts wont be published and they mods just can see them and could have the option to publish them(just with a buttonklick or something) so it would be added in normal way to the topic.(so pretty simliar to point 1. but community can see the posts)

3. "post permission". Cheatermods can give gerneral permission to players to post here can can take it away. On this way only a few people(who already added some helpful posts here/send some adds about reports to mods via pm/...) could write here and it won't give any spammers anymore.


This are only some ideas i had, how it could be changed, because i'm not happy with the situation which is here now.

EDIT: That you can share your ideas here too, i switched the topic to suggestion forum, but left a shadow copy in cheatersforum