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Stuck at a certain number of points

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Clan: AVJ
Stuck at a certain number of points

I've been stuck at 1080points since I can remember, I can see how I win points after every game but they seem not to be added to the number, I've rejoined and created a new account but it seems to be stuck at 1080 point whatever I do  :( 

Does anyone have the same porblem or knows how to solve it? please!

If you search my name, you will se I'm always in 1080ffa points.

Clan: KOLL

Sorry if that sounds stupit, but if you have 1076 and get +4 or 1070 and get +10 you will ofcourse have 1080 as new rank and not 1200 or something. Simply win a game now when you have 1080 or get a good place(depending on the rank of the opponents) and you will get a higher rank than 1080 :D




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