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Strategy: "Go for blue", "Kill Red"

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Strategy: "Go for blue", "Kill Red"

Hi, thought it would be fun to discuss about some strategic aspects of the game. Here is something that annoys me very much: It happens nearly every game, that when the leading player has a lead of more than 5 points or so, the second or third player (who most of the time has a better rank and because of that thinks he should be first) says: "Go for blue!", "Kill Red!" (whatever color the leading player has)

Now sometimes the other players really do so, maybe because they were in the same situation as second player themselves, and this happens:

The bad players nearly kamikaze attack the first (most of the time without doing much damage) while second and third player who never ever thought about going for the strong player themselves do their normal game and make a big space. Outcome: all the attackers die really early and the only ones who can profit are the ones who didn't do a damn thing.

Now u could say that it could help 4th or 5th player if it gets more close between first and second player, so that the game continues longer, but it doesn't at all, if 4th and 5th player suicide themselves for that reason.

So, long story short: When 2. and 3. player are behind it is not, because the others don't go for first, but because the first player is just better (or has more luck, which is pretty much the same) . And as social aspects are not important in games everyone should play to make most profit for himself and never go for a player to help anotherone but himself.

It is also pretty funny to see second player rage and loose even more because of that :-) . So what do you think?


As you recognized by yourself this strategy does not only help the second player but all (except 1.). The badest player for example also get the chance to play better in the last games, and therefore make more points as the game goes longer...

So its not even egoistic from the second, its just the best strategy for all. This is the theory...

When there are players who doesnt join in, its their problem... If there are players who join in every one gets befinit from that except first...

If there are players who kamikaze, try to play games with higher ranked people :)