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Strache focusing on VladyChocolady and IEMAND ANDERS!

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Strache focusing on VladyChocolady and IEMAND ANDERS!

Hi! I want to report this specific person that kept focusing on VladyChocolady and IEMAND ANDERS! ( Mostly VladyChocolady ). Strache has been focusing on them both throughout the whole entire game non-stop. We assume that he/she is Aquamarine because VladyChocolady played with him/her in his other game and Strache got 3rd place and had -1 rank. JoeyAnya is assuming that Strache is also either Kiver / prant. 

Rule broken:





I attached little information under each images for more proof.

Additional Information:

Strache has been registered for 3 years and 5 months. He/she should know that focusing on people is forbidden in this community. VladyChocolady assumes Strache is Aquamarine 100%. 


Spoiler: Highlight to view

Krimmaster: lana is lava
Krimmaster: xd
Lana.': lavalana
Lana.': finally
Lana.': now i ready to win
Lana.': g t f o
Krimmaster: lanakebabana
Krimmaster: hehe
Krimmaster: loool again XD
_DaniuS_: lana im gonna fck you
VladyChocolady: 1200+?
VladyChocolady: ok
Fluaz: girls gets colors
Fluaz: first _DaniuS_
VladyChocolady: decide who is lava and go
VladyChocolady: ok
lolek1718: Lewandowski;p
Fluaz: Lana should be laava
VladyChocolady: yes i need fast brb 30 seconds
VladyChocolady: decide who is lava
Lana.': lavalana
Lana.': fits perfect
Lana.': ffs
CurvingDisaster: kick 1
CurvingDisaster: xd
Varok: 3xd
JoeyAnya: kick those idiots
VladyChocolady: here
Kick me im a guest: lol
VladyChocolady: ok you decided
VladyChocolady: krim ti tut?
VladyChocolady: i'm back also
Krimmaster: da
VladyChocolady: tualet jestj tualet
VladyChocolady: lol
Fluaz: girls gets lava
Fluaz: lana gets lava
Krimmaster: lol
Fluaz: xd
Fluaz: logic
Krimmaster: kikni etogo
VladyChocolady: ready?
VladyChocolady: kogo
_DaniuS_: lana i will fck you right in da puss y
Krimmaster: желтого
Fluaz: start then whopever gets lava will have lava
IEMAND ANDERS: kick them gtfo
Fluaz: whoever stops for ;ava gets kick
VladyChocolady: norm?
Krimmaster: da
Krimmaster: green that name
Krimmaster: haha
VladyChocolady: lana will play here
CurvingDisaster: xd
IEMAND ANDERS: M y screeb start glitching
Krimmaster: lo
IEMAND ANDERS: becaues of them
Lana.': hhhhhhhhh
Fluaz: kick _DaniuS_
VladyChocolady: why stopped?
Varok: kikck one
IEMAND ANDERS: kick on eplz
VladyChocolady: fast decide who is lava
VladyChocolady: and go
Lana.': fu
Lana.': nt
Krimmaster: lol
VladyChocolady: ok take your lava
VladyChocolady: and go
Fluaz: just kick _DaniuS_
VladyChocolady: lol again they are fighting
Fluaz: girls gets lava
Krimmaster: lol
VladyChocolady: lol lana
CurvingDisaster: xd
VladyChocolady: you aren't fast
Lana.': fu ck u all
VladyChocolady: lol
Lana.': hf
IEMAND ANDERS: lana i support u
Krimmaster: gj
Krimmaster: xd
_DaniuS_: lana i fck you
Lana.': :)
Lana.': nt
Lana.': ah this pro
VladyChocolady: why you focus me red?
Lana.': green is da mn good
Lana.': rip
VladyChocolady: na menja focus
IEMAND ANDERS: red had +1900 acc?
VladyChocolady: derzat
Krimmaster: da
VladyChocolady: he focus
VladyChocolady: omg
VladyChocolady: nub
VladyChocolady: iemand he focus you too?
Lana.': sry rain
Strache: natural deranking
Strache: np
VladyChocolady: red i warn you to stop
VladyChocolady: you team with green?
Lana.': bb
_DaniuS_: lana how much for 1hour with you?
Krimmaster: b
Strache: i happens
VladyChocolady: green say your friend to stop
VladyChocolady: or i report you both
CurvingDisaster: well i dont know him
_DaniuS_: for 1 hour bl ow job?
VladyChocolady: you both 2nd accounts
Lana.': cyan nab
Krimmaster: does strache mean something?
VladyChocolady: vali ego
IEMAND ANDERS: red u hace second aac?
CurvingDisaster: and does that say anythinhg
CurvingDisaster: h2el
Lana.': well
Lana.': i give up
VladyChocolady: wtf eras
IEMAND ANDERS: no I rememberd him from the pst and he was 1900 with same acc name
VladyChocolady: omg
VladyChocolady: this guy
Strache: chill
VladyChocolady: ok stop this now
Lana.': srsly
Krimmaster: *sigh*
Lana.': rekt
VladyChocolady: ректни
Lana.': sh it game
JoeyAnya: he is that booster of kiver prant
VladyChocolady: WTF
VladyChocolady: YOU FKED
Krimmaster: ary green
VladyChocolady: stop this now
VladyChocolady: i said
Krimmaster: sry*
CurvingDisaster: np
_DaniuS_: mfcke
VladyChocolady: all on red
VladyChocolady: he focus
IEMAND ANDERS: u aim for high ranked people?
VladyChocolady: he is nab with 1200
CurvingDisaster: its ffa dont say sry for a kill
CurvingDisaster: xd
VladyChocolady: помогай нам блин
Fluaz: i think he is focusing on vlad
Fluaz: coz
Lana.': bb
Fluaz: he is
Fluaz: leader ov lead?
Fluaz: xd
Krimmaster: nu da
IEMAND ANDERS: nono he is 1900
IEMAND ANDERS: wtf that sui
Krimmaster: nu davajete
VladyChocolady: ну что блять давайте
VladyChocolady: он на нас
VladyChocolady: каждый раунд
Fluaz: Strache is focusing on Lead
VladyChocolady: he is that guy from last game
VladyChocolady: that lava
VladyChocolady: from last game
VladyChocolady: his main
VladyChocolady: who had -1 last game
VladyChocolady: it's him
Fluaz: who?
Fluaz: what name
VladyChocolady: i 'll tell you nickname
Lana.': aquamarine
IEMAND ANDERS: is obv targeting LEAD players but why?
VladyChocolady: YES
VladyChocolady: lana said
VladyChocolady: his main is
VladyChocolady: aqua
VladyChocolady: tmarine
VladyChocolady: it's him
IEMAND ANDERS: ooooh idd its aqua
VladyChocolady: yes
VladyChocolady: it's aqua
Lana.': nice
Lana.': gj
Krimmaster: ty
Krimmaster: xd
IEMAND ANDERS: yeah yeah its him
VladyChocolady: ofc him
Varok: blue you are so noob
VladyChocolady: can you shut up
VladyChocolady: all focus me
Fluaz: hes getting focused on
Varok: you are sooo nob
VladyChocolady: ты должен выйграть
Varok: rank 1800 and very noob
Krimmaster: pitajusj
Varok: lol
JoeyAnya: is not aqua
VladyChocolady: potom otdash
JoeyAnya: is prant
IEMAND ANDERS: he is almost champion aqua is good
JoeyAnya: kiver
VladyChocolady: ?
Varok: lol blue
Varok: noooooooob
VladyChocolady: i will get -40 you will be happy?
Strache: no
Varok: you should get - 1000
_DaniuS_: 2k minus
VladyChocolady: red your main gonna be 700 soon
VladyChocolady: be sure
Strache: tell me main
JoeyAnya: he is banned already
JoeyAnya: thats why he made new again
Lana.': why
Lana.': f
Lana.': f
Lana.': s
JoeyAnya: in team
Fluaz: who is Strache JoeyAnya?
VladyChocolady: his acc is aquateamer
Fluaz: is he Kiver?
JoeyAnya: he was losing on purpose
JoeyAnya: prant
Fluaz: prant?
JoeyAnya: kiver
Varok: 13 points...
Lana.': just give me 5 speeds and i kill myself
Fluaz: and Aquamarine?
VladyChocolady: it's him
Varok: 19 points hahaha nooob
Varok: hahahaha
Varok: noooooooob
Lana.': yay teaming
Lana.': my favourite
Varok: 20 points man you are so bad
IEMAND ANDERS: th eproblem is lava teams with red
IEMAND ANDERS: lava why u are on me?
Lana.': and u teamed with rando and killed me
Lana.': gg rain
Krimmaster: hug
Krimmaster: xd
Varok: hahahaha
Varok: blue
Varok: nob
Varok: hahahahahha
Varok: wtf this guy
Varok: blue nob
VladyChocolady: np gg
Krimmaster: game good
Lana.': yall are biitches
Lana.': hf
Varok: 1200
Strache: what now bog cry
Strache: ?
Varok: 1200 pls
Varok: 1200 man
Varok: please
Varok: red
Strache: ty for game vlady hope we can play more
Strache: !
VladyChocolady: yeap
VladyChocolady: in 1 year
JoeyAnya: talk to destin.
JoeyAnya: he is already banned
VladyChocolady: we already writing report
JoeyAnya: so the punishment will be harder
VladyChocolady: screen is taken
IEMAND ANDERS: 1vs1 strache
Shady LP: for who
VladyChocolady: his 1700 acc will be banned also
Shady LP: ?
VladyChocolady: we will know he is Aqua
Shady LP: who
JoeyAnya: is not aqua
JoeyAnya: is kiver
JoeyAnya: i reported him long time ago
VladyChocolady: he made 2 accs
IEMAND ANDERS: but despite lava was on me too and 2 people are even for 1800+ too hard
Shady LP: answer me
Shady LP: or kicked
JoeyAnya: he has tons of acounts
VladyChocolady: last game his prem acc 1700 was 3rd he lost -1
JoeyAnya: theimam banned all his 2nds accounts for bad behaviour
VladyChocolady: and now he came and foussed us
VladyChocolady: it's him
Shady LP: who?

Thanks for reading,


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Dear Fluaz,

thank you for your report.
As your assumption is right and the screens and intention are clear a ban for both accounts lasting 1 week is given.

Kind regards

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