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Stolen Account

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Stolen Account

Hi everyone, this goes to Geert or anyone else that can help me with that issue^^:


Hello Geert,


It's me, velu_ on my other account. Erm I'm sorry to bother you but I think I lost my account to some kid called Formidable.' ... so basically he tricked me (I know im stupid haha :D) so I told him the PW and he changed it and now I can't log in anymore... If you need a proof or something write me back. My email was ****(CENSORED)**** on the velu_ - account. I hope you can help me.





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This does not belong on the forum, you need to contact support for issues such as this. However please note, the consequences of giving your password away are your responsibility to accept. Curve Fever does not support password sharing and would rather not have to take time out of their day to correct your mistakes.



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