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"Stifler's Mum" focusing in FFA.

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"Stifler's Mum" focusing in FFA.

The title says it all. Bad I started to take screenshots too late - still hope its enough.

User :


xD even follows me when there is no way



that just says all Biggrin


3. always just comes to me Biggrin tho he was really noob in that


4. again here he start somewhere in middle and comes to me

He didn't even try to win . Game end and he had 14 points... xD

Hope the screens are enough


ffa eu top 6.1%
team eu top 21%
Clan: DNVD

Dear scherbatsky,

normally it's not enough but there were other complaints and reports about this player, e.g. this
He gets another week on top.

Kind regards

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