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Stepping down as MOD.

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Stepping down as MOD.

As you guys are well aware - I haven't played CF in ages. I still remained the icons mod and tried to deliver icons just for the sake of helping out, because I remember how I always wanted new icons before I became a mod, and how disappointed I was when I had been waiting for months and still get no update. That is why I promised myself that I wouldn't become the same thing that I'd hated the most, which is make you guys wait for icons for way too long.

Don't get me wrong - I don't believe new icon batches should be THAT frequent - but to drop one batch every ~2-3 months or so seems reasonable. As you can see, if you agree with my concept and adopt it - I am about 2 months due already. I can't say I haven't tried, I tried to get new ideas - even logged in from time to time to try and talk to you guys and ask for any ideas, but sadly - the feedback in general for icons has gone down hill. No really new submissions. This is why I failed to make a new batch up to this point. Lack of creativity on my part (after all, how many ideas can you show in such a small icon that will actually look good and understandable), but yes - also on your end. Whether it was your lack of interest or creativity - there hasn't been much help. 

Maybe I'm still at fault here, for being too much of a perfectionist - I just couldn't settle for any icon. I could have easily taken a few suggestions from here, even though I didn't really feel like they'd quite make the job and get popular, and still implement them. This whole process would've taken no longer than a day or so.  Implementing pre-made icons is far more easier and quicker than making one of my own (due to obvious reasons), but as you could see - my last couple of batches consisted of nearly all of my own icons, simply because I didn't want to give you icons just to 'get this over with', but to actually give you something that you would like to buy in-game and be satisfied with. Seeing how I chose that path and now have nothing to show for it - I feel kinda bad, but my intentions were good. I do feel that I should have tried even harder to release one. I struggled with it for a few weeks, and now it is way too late - because I started at the University last week, and I don't even have time to breathe anymore - I also have to take one exam in a months from now that will determine if I get to continue at the University or not (long story, it was supposed to be a few months ago but got postponed, but the University agreed to accept me and see the results next semester to determine whether or not I get to continue). 

Seeing how things are going to be like hell for me - I realize that I will no way in hell have time to even think about this anymore, and I rather step down and have someone fill in for me, someone who is still passionate about this game and has the time that this task requires.

So I guess that's it guys. I could have just said it in the mod conversation, but I felt like I owed you an explanation just as much, seeing how it's been a while and there is still no new icons batch.

P.S - you should give the mods some slack - you have no idea how much time and work they put in this game. Everyday the Skype conversation is filled with hundreds of new messages by them.

Thanks for your past support, sorry for the inconvenience and happy Curving. ^_^

I'm locking this thread.  If anyone I know/used to know/play with would like to keep in touch, hit me up with a PM and I'll give you either my Skype or Steam (if you play CS:GO - which is what I have been playing for the past ~5-6 months whenever I had the time to).