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Step in for Leavers

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Step in for Leavers
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So i see a lots of game.. have leavers... and then they are arguing about fairing the game. I think the creaters could do "step in" opiton.

Like if someone would leave a game.. someone from spec could step it.

And if the player who original left... could come back.. with promission of a team... like small pool next to a chat.. when your teammates decide if u want u back. Or maybe something diffrent.. but at least.. option for someone 2 fill a space.

Then about ranks.. i think it would be fair the player who step in get 1/2 points (+ or -)

The first player who left the game still get minus points for leaving.


Pls give me a comment, if u would liked to see this..

In advance, sorry for some grammar mistakes.


Best regards, Ghost Biggrin