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Standalone Game Will Not Let Me Log In!

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Standalone Game Will Not Let Me Log In!

Hi all you at Curvefever! Love the game!

Anyway, I wanted to report on an issue with the standalone version. It just wont let me log in. I type in my username and password (I have tried several times to type each entry) and it keeps telling me my password is incorrect (I am sure that it is; I'm posting this topic after all!). No, caps lock is not on, and I'm pretty sure my typing skills are up to the job! Any ideas as to what might be going wrong? Thanks BD!

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Are you referring to the curve fever 3 standalone?

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Had the same problem, just make sure your not logged in somewhere allready (on the browser version).

This is because you could have told your browser to safe your username and password combo so it keeps logged in.

Your problem should be solved now:)