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Special signs didn't work?

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Special signs didn't work?

My friend was trying to log in to curvefever 2, but he can't becouse Ś and Ż in his nickname and its impossible to write this in nickname bar. There is any possibility to log in this accout or he need to make new one to play?

Clan: KOLL
As there were some issues with weird characters(like invisible names, bugs and other stuff), the amount of possible characters got limited to the listed letters, numbers and symbols, shown at the link.

Accounts with other characters are not able to login anymore. If your friend has created his account before the update was made(middle of december 2015), he can try his luck and send a mail to where he explains his problem in short and gives an available suggestion for a new valid username(If you are not sure, search at "more"-"search"-"users" if the name is already taken and at the link, if the used characters are valid). This way he can keep his stats/coins/achievements/items/colours/icons/premium(?)/... .
If it's a barely used account(<100 games or something like this), I would suggest to create a new one(is a lot faster and for that case it isn't rly worth it, to keep the stats).



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