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Although I understand developers do not want to continue developing CF2, you cannot deny that Curvefever 2 is the backbone of CurveFever. Every time a new game is developed the CF2 community becomes a major part of it's player base and this shouldn't be ignored. The problem I see however, is CF2 is declining due to lack of updates and promotion. I understand CFP is the future of CurveFever, however I think it would be wise to maintain as much of the player base as possible while developing the perfect new game. There hasn't been a CF2 update in a very long time, and I believe we can achieve this by adding something very small that will not take up too much time and effort; and will give CF2 players something difficult to achieve for the longrun. 

A new color.

This color (Grey), similar to CF3's Shadow beast displayed below would be a very desireable color and could be obtained after purchasing all the icons (and colors?). All the icons in the shop cost 65k+ coins alone.                                                   

Why this could be good for the community:

I. Gives old players something new to achieve in the long term and spend coins on.

II. Encourages microtransactions: costs about 50€ to purchase the coins needed to buy this color on a fresh account, and can also be earned by playing close to 10k games (which takes a lot of time).

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Nitro is gey

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KevWatch wrote:

About custom titles
Custom titles are very tricky and risky to award. They require us to dive into the CF2-game code and manually edit the titles there. The problem with that is, that this can break the game completely. We've already had a few close calls but managed to revert everything to make sure that the game would function. On top of that, it takes a lot of time to do, and those are resources we just don't have. 

We're sorry for letting you know this late, but with the off-chance of the game breaking and possible loss of data, we decided that we do not want to take that risk anymore. We hope that you understand why we made this call. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me.

Reading this, I think they don't mean this for special titles only. The game code is quite "old" and the chance to"destroy" the game is realistic, so they will prevent doing stuff that is not necessary to keep the game mechanics working(keeping the game playable, not talking about lags, but about gamebreaking bugs). Also they will focus on their new game(same as with CurveFever 3 before), as flash is dying. So the chance of getting something like this is around 0.



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Working on CF2 is most likely not in the new developer's contracts, so they obviously dont want to mess up the code for legal reasons. This post is directed towards Geert. Obviously custom titles are pointless and do not bring any profit so they brush it aside like any smart company would to work on projects that benefit them. The release of a desireable, expensive color will bring profit through microtransactions, in which he based 2 entire new games off of, so I beleive this has more incentive and he will at least consider it because it would make a really nice addition to the game.


first of all i wanna say. Just take god dam Rainbow. We all know what you meant by color ''Grey'' And really new color wont save cf, btw it's summer wait for winter i'm sure you will see your friends back

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In my opinion they should first fix bugs then add something new.