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Slow connection

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Slow connection


I started 2 month ago, everything was ok until last week.

Now i cannot play, it's working 10 seconds and then i have "SLOW CONNECTION YOU CAN NOT PROCESS YOUR ACTION".

I can play with my laptop with wireless connection (it is not highly reactive) but with my desktop computer with wired connection it's not working at all. i have a good connection, ping : 14ms download/upload : 100mbits.

I tried to unistall flash player, it's still the same.

toogle stats

thanks for your help


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I don't think Flash Player will be your issue. Also I'm guessing you did a ping test to a local server. You should do this to Ireland to be more accurate (as seen by the 50ms in your screenshots).

So your desktop will use a wired connection. You can test if it's the cable itself by plugging it into your laptop to see if you still get slow connections. If your laptop on a wired connection is fine then the problem is not the cable and is likely to be something with your desktop computer itself. If you now get slow connections (which you don't get on wi-fi) then the problem is the cable.

If it's the computer then this is when it gets difficult to solve without actually being at your computer... Specs? Browser? Drivers up-to-date? etc.


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On screenshot we can see that you have 200 ping(red dots) with "a reference server in another data center in another country" and 50 ping(green dots) with actual room.
Actually 200 ping does slow connections but it's 200 ping with another server, not with room so it shouldn't give you slows.
It may be game's bug.
Maybe game is giving you slow connection if any of those 2 pings are bigger than 200 instead of checking only ping with actual room.
I think developers should check it.
You can also ask someone do you lag. You shouldn't lag with 50 ping. If they say "no" then it's game's bug for sure. but if they say yes, then seems that red dots = ping with actual room and green dots = ping with different server(devs could do mistake). If it's true, then try turn off your firewall and antivirus; they could flag cf2 as untrusted or smth and they are checking every data sent/received for viruses and that can cause bigger ping.