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Simple request about the replay

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Simple request about the replay

As there was a replay of the tournament at 23.12. I think there are some open questions.

I checked some stuff and found out that there was a replay with 4 of the 5 announced players(I guess ).

So I got some questions:

Where is the topic announcing the winner?

Was there a video of the replay?

Why isn't there an update of the champions?

Why Yossha didn't played at the replay?


It's also interesting that there were multiple prices and just a few corrections.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Original tournament Run. Champ + 5k coins slovakpro 3 months premium Sinnoh 3 months premium Run. 1 year premium(shouldn't mods receive lt premium from Geert?!)

Replay slovakpro champ + 1 year premium Run. Champ removed

(Also interesting 4 min Champ 'Alicia)

So in total we got:

Run. 1 year premium + 5k coins for 2nd place

Sinnoh 3 months premium for 3rd place

slovakpro 1 year and 3 months premium + champ for 1st place

I guess the mistakes are visible.

Waiting for the answers.

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hey Smile update here will come mods are bit busy like always :) 

video is on youtube since yesterday .

and Yossha had no time and said we can play without him