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Should there be a FFA rank for no quickplay games?

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Should there be a FFA rank for no quickplay games?

Dear players,

We started working on making 'custom rooms' in Curve Fever Pro, where players can choose with whome to play with, which is the basic of Curve Fever 2.

Now we are considering if we should give rank points for FFA in custom games.


Reasons to do so:

- It is fun to play for rank

- It is fun to take revenge

- It is fun to play against your friends


Reasons to not do:

- People can easily team up and boost their ranking


An easy solution to the problem, is to not allow players to earn rank points. However, this takes away the excitement of playing FFA. What is your opinino about this matter? Should Custom FFA matches give rank points, or only quickplay matches?

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I think I am speaking for all high ranked players of cfpro; it's necessary that you can earn rank points in custom games. I mean if you are 1st on leaderboard for example and you always have to play against low rank players, you can't gain any rank. Probably you will lose it... If you have custom games, you can set a rank limit and play only with high rank players, which makes the game much more funny + you can earn rank much easier.

Also it is stupid always to play against high ranked players for 'lows', because you have the smallest chance to win, because your skill is just worse than theirs.

Boosters/Teamers destroy the game for real. But tbh i prefer the rank system of cf2 than the one of cf3 at all. Oh btw, you can decide with which items you want to play in custom games (idk how you will make this with these modules in cfpro), what makes the game funnier as well. I am always like "ffs" when someone takes the fat-item in cf3 arena, because i hate it. x)

I hope you could understand my English. I am not such a beast at languages you have to know ^^

Best regards


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thanks Shenn for thinking along. Your English is very understandable


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It really depends on what you want the players to play for.

-You said it's fun to play for rank. IMO, if you play for fun, then rank shouldn't matter.

-If you only play for revenge, you wouldn't care about your rank.

-Playing against your friends = playing for fun, so again rank doesn't matter.

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Yes, implement rank. Maybe set statistics on how many custom games played and how many arena games, this way it is easier to find potential boosters.

What is there to customise though in cf pro?