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searching for underanked team thin players

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searching for underanked team thin players

Before i leave curve i wanna get high rank in team so searching for underanked team 4x4, my skill is 1900-2100 lag dependable. Can be two good ffa players max in team but with low ranks. 

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1900-2100 lol

Don't overrank yourself. 

i counted lags and frezes into that im not kidding nothing. if no lags i would written 2100-2200, i had 1907 last week so why you write 1900 and laugh, i would understand if you write 2100 an laugh cause i had that only half year ago anyway sak of moron.



You're 1900-2100 as much as your bro Rami95 is the best FFA player of all times, may god bless his soul.

what a talented family! We are blessed to have played during your time.





kay mark your words.

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'Hi im boteng my skill is 850-925' but without laggs 1150

Red Speed Pro

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Clan: sigh

Dude, it seems like you're better than me, if you're so much underranked.

I made it from 1450 to 1850 in eight playing nights, playing with random players. Don't you think you can make it to 2000, even 2200, with your amazing skill and random players as well?

FFA: 2015
Team: 1912

it took me some time to understand that you think you are better player than me, but u gave me good laughs when i did thx. Keep playing with your bros get 1500 and watch how i get 2k