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Searching Clan

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Searching Clan

I am searching a clan, I dont know how all this with this Forum works, but if you are interested, just answer and give me a Tutorial how to join a clan.

Clan: KOLL

1. Visit and click "Sign in with CurveFever" at the top left
2.1 If you know the clan you want to join, you can simply type in the clanname and with that you request to join(have to wait till leader or member with needed permissions aproves you.
2.2 If you search a friends clan, simply click "players" at the topbar and search your friend -> click his/her profile -> click on the clanname(you are now at the site of the clan) and there you have an option to request to join the clan
2.3 If you search for a random clan, go to "dashboard" at topbar. There you have the option to send application to all clans. If the clans want you, they send you a message including the option to join their clan(this might take some time).
3. Enjoy playing/chatting/... with your clan.



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