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Scrolling bug in game lobby

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Scrolling bug in game lobby

Product: In which product did you find the bug?

Version: In which product version did you find the bug?
Current version. I was unable to find what the current version is.

Component: In which component does the bug exist?
game lobby list

OS: On which Operating System (OS) did you find this bug? (e.g. Linux, Windows NT, Mac OS 8.5.)

How important is the bug?

How would you describe the bug, in approximately 60 or fewer characters?
When I try to scroll in the game lobby list with the middle mousebutton the list is·
scrolling extremely slow. For each "scroll" with my finger, only one new game appears.

What else can you tell the engineer about this bug?·
Arch Linux
Chromium Version 24.0.1312.52 (175374)
Adobe Flash Player

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I can confirm this bug

@ Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS

Firefox 21.0a1

Same flash version (but happened in older versions too)



I have the same problem, i have Mac OS and i use the browser Safari, but if i wanna scroll down in Lobby NOTHING happens. Maybe u can fix this bug.

nt? Not nice enough