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Screenshots: New Powerup HUD

We have been developing a new powerup HUD (Heads Up Display). With this new Heads up display players will see better which poweup is finishing when. It shows maximally 3 countdowns at once, so it is not overfull. What do you guys think of it?

The other thing we have been busy this week, is the performance of the game. After tthe technical test, I had a big concern about the performance. Luckily, the programmers are on track and have achieved tremendous performance gains. From 10 FPS on our target machine, to a solid 60 FPS. I hope to show it to you (by video) the next week.

As for the snakes, we are exploring opportunities to make all snakes relatively balanced. A level 0 snake will still be a bit more undesirable, than a level 20 snake, but they will certainly be competititive. We tested this out on Indievelopment last week, and people liked all the snakes, fat or thin, slow or fast. That was because we linked positive and negative properties together. You can't have a snake with only positive properties anymore.


Smaller lines i see? Bigger field? Hey this doesn't look nearly as bad as the alpha test that you gave us, heads still too big for me personally but it's nice to see you guys are still making some big improvments maybe this game can be better than cf2 if you keep using the community to assist you. :)


But i do feel the HUD to be slightly weird, i rather liked it when you could see what powerup was ending :(


The holes look good again. I see they don't spawn every 2 seconds anymore and they got their normal size back.

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@Nick and Legendary Zelda, it is an artist mockup. You should really only look to the powerup heads up display...



@Geert, you had me excited :(

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Geert stop playing with our feelings :c

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It seems better. However, you said we should not look at the holes. I don't really understand your point of vue concerning holes, why would you let them spawn every 2 seconds? Thanks for the feeback.

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