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The same amount of point - different score?

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The same amount of point - different score?

If someone have like 10 score at the end, and i have 10 score too, but he is 3# and im 4#; shat does that it mean? I gain rank like i would be #3 or #4?

Clan: Mod

If 2 players (or more) finish with the same score the system calculates the average position: In your example both players finish at position 3,5. Another example: 2nd, 3rd and 4th have same score, all are calculated as 3rd place ((2+3+4)/3=3). - the battleground for clans

Clan: KOLL

Like Gordon said. The average is taken. So example: 8 players with 1,5k rank at FFA ranked room

1. +35, 2. + 25, 3. +15 ... 8. -35 and if they have same place: 1. +35, 2. +20, 3. +20, 4. +5 ....

This example is taken with players of the same rank. It is clear, that if you and the other person have same points(=same place) but different rank, you earn/lose different amount of points. So it could also be possible that 2 players end up with the same amount of points, but one of them loses rank and one wins rank.



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