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rude language

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rude language

Hey guys! 

I dont wanna be a irritating girl who is saying OMG there is offensive language. 

But the fact is that rodymotson is the most irritating boy i've ever seen at this game. 

A lot of people know me on curvefever and i think that they know that im not a irritating reporter.

And I know that is a big wonder when u see a girl at curverfever and that she has the name of the song of the famous singer Rinus.. 

But it's not really nice, to play a game and you get sentence to your head like: OMG MARLOES YOU MAKE ME SO HORNY, ARE U ALREADY WET? 

and besides that is he just being rude. He is yelling against everybody and using offensive language. Things like whore, but then in dutch an stuff. 

I think that he should get a punishment, because he is just too rude and too offensive against anyone. 

And i've a little printscreen of one of his sentence. 








Clan: Rock

nog stteeds niet gelukt dieu haha

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Clan: Hero

sorry for you marlo, but me and others have already reported like this nothings ever happening.

Geert would never ban anyone if that person bought a prem account even if its hitler himself trying to rebuild his reich in curvefever.

thats how this game works, pay and you can do what you want and dont have to fear mute or ban ...