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Room customization

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Room customization

If you make these simple additions to the options in the room customization I think the game could have some more fun options to play with Biggrin

  1. Choose the field size (not only full and scale, but maybe four options?)

    • I think the map size corresponds more to the items selected than the number of players.
  2. Increase the drop rate (e.g. up to 200%-300%)
    • If you combine it with the first could play 4v4 in a tiny room XD and add erasers so each round lasts a bit longer. It will be a bit chaotic lol. (this was my inspiration to start this topic XD)
    • (I'm not very sure about this but) For gspeed, I think this is a good idea because sometimes you have to wait for so long until the item appears and sometimes there's suddenly too much speed and bubbles. If you increase the drop rate, you can exclude bubbles in the item customization and the amount of items (speed & eraser) will appear at the same speed and with a fair amount - so it is easier to attempt 3-4 speed kills.