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Roliwe Boosting 1v1rank

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Roliwe Boosting 1v1rank

Hi Gordon,

Roliwe is boosting 1v1 rank for the last battle tourney.

Here one example:




Conv with meechy:




Hey, you are right with Roliwe and MewtwoX, he used this account obviously to gain +26 rank in 1v1 eu ranks.

If you create a topic, and show gordon the matchlinks with roliwe and MewtwoX, then he'll probably warn him and redude the rank. 

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Dear Shambalah,

thank you for your report and sorry for the delay of my answer.
A deep investigation showed 3 further suspicious accounts and a lot of strange games against own or at least linked accounts. A ban lasting 1 week for all accounts and a reduce for Roliwe to rank 51 is given.

Kind regards

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