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[Results] Unofficial Mixed FFA Tournament

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[Results] Unofficial Mixed FFA Tournament

Hello everyone!

I would just like to make this post to congratulate the winners of the tournament, and to thank everybody for participating. Everybody who played showed great potential and a great amount of focus in order to achieve the best they could. The tournament was filled with many great players, which made the tour very interesting and very skillful.


I would like to use this post to congratulate the winners:

1. CarnageFX (DeeDee4814)
2. Shikon. (DeeDee5723)
3. Run. (DeeDee9254)
4. kosey (DeeDee9347)
5. Aspen'. (DeeDee9424)
6. jimmydb (DeeDee2222)
7. Kenster (DeeDee8577)
8. Alicia' (DeeDee9284)

I would also like to give a huge thanks the helpers: R4W1L, Kenster, NOWODNY2, Fluaz, Shikon. and CarnageFX, and a huge thanks to the donators: Fabbethepirate, Kenster, Pleiades and Wolfsshadow, who helped the tournament run smoothly and gave players a reason to strive.

Thank you also to everybody who showed up and followed the rules without issue, making the tour very smooth. There was only one player, lollolo, who trolled and ruined the experience for others.


For anybody who would like to watch, here are the links to each game from the finals, thanks to CarnageFX:

GS -
Thin -
Special -


On a final note, I would appreciate everyone who wants to give me opinions/advice on the tournament, and suggestions for the next event. If the feedback is very positive, I will be glad to host another event like this one in the future!

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First of all I need to admit, I don't often comment to CF related stuff here on forum, but this one is worth it.

I didn't supervise the whole tournament because i was out very early because of trolling and own dumbness so I can only talk about the things i went through.

It was maybe the best tournament I have played in 7 years of Curve Fever, especially the idea with unknown accounts!

Furthermore it was well organized!

Thanks everyone who helped to organize this tournament especially Kizza!

Would be nice to see you in game more often again!

Best regards,

Dark Rage / Kanches / ... / ...


I played in this tournament and I have to 100% agree with Kanches.

It was absolutely brilliant to play because it eliminated bias and created an incognito focus.

Thanks Kizza it was great. Definitely want more of these

*Note - I beat carnage in Round 1. I got lazy in round 2 and had too much catching up to do and narrowly came 5th.. Think jimmy was the one that beat me.

Proof that I beat carnage