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Results of Summer Battle!

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Results of Summer Battle!


 In this weekend, we had an official event - Summer Battle! Summer Battle consisted of 4 small tournaments. This topic is about results of the Summer Battle

 The first tournament was a 1 vs. 1 tournament. Bloodred managed to win this by defeating CarnageFX 10:3 (None) and 10:6 (Green Speed) in final. Shikon. (me) managed to defeat Lone Soldier in Bronze match. Bronze match consisted of 3 games. I won 1. game (None) 10:7, Lone Soldier won 2. game (Green Speed) 10:2 and I won the deciding match (Special) 10:3. I would also like to thank TheReal_OBEY and sima. for showing up.

 Second tournament was a FFA tournament. I would like to apologise for my huge mistake. I did not notice that 3 players, who should not have been there, were in my room. When I noticed that, it was too late. Restarting game was not also an option cause the game had already delayed the scheduled time. After the game, 1 of these players reached top 4, which was needed for proceeding. After game, I asked the specific player, if he would not mind giving his/her spot away to player, that was on 5th position, because (s)he should not have played there. The player agreed and I did not count those 3 players' results. Even thought, that effected some players' game, I would like to apologise in front of them if they were knocked out because of that. The following part of the tournament did not have any problems. In the final, we had 3 games. First game was None FFA. Dark Rage managed to win it with 73 points, Ivy Cel was 2nd with 69 points and Bloodred took 3rd place with 66 points. Second game was Green Speed FFA. Tell why me won the game with 73 points, Bloodred won 2nd place with 67 points and Ivy Cel took 3rd place with 63 points. Third game was Special FFA. Dark Rage won it with 71 points, Destin. was 2nd with 65 points and I managed to get 3rd with 63 points. The final standings were like this: 1st place - Dark Rage, 2nd place - Tell why me, 3rd place - Bloodred, 4th place - Destin., 5th place - Shikon., 6th place - Ivy Cel, 7th place - FRANSWAG......................., 8th place - MÆSTRO.

 Third tournament was Teams tournament. I would like to apologise for moving the deadline - we had only 2 teams, that had signed up before the deadline, I wanted 4 teams, because it had to be like that. Team Powerwolf, which consisted of Bloodred, CarnageFX, sima. and Nitrogen Dioxide, won the tournament by defeating Team TRAP, which consisted of Tell why me, Arrow., Run. and pleiades, 10:6 (Thin) and 10:8 (Green Speed). Third place went to Team Power Puff Girls, which consisted of BrutalSzymon, Armani Banani, Shikon. and Degolas. Fourth place went to Team Animals, which consisted of Lone Soldier, EZWAYS, Crowly' and jimmydb

 Fourth tournament was the Final Battle of the Summer. I would like to apologise for not organising it on time when everyone could make it. The date was already known before the tournament and we had the most players 19:00 CEST. 3 players, who were in top 8, did not show up, and because of participants agreed, I let in the first people, that were left out, who were online. We had 5 games. First game was Red Speed FFA. I won this game with 74 points, BrutalSzymon got 2nd with 70 points and Bloodred termined 3rd with 66 points. Second game was Thin + Green Corner FFA. Destin. won this game with 71 points, Bloodred got 2nd with 67 points and sima. termined 3rd with 60 points. Third game was Fat FFA. Bloodred won this game with 75 points, Destin. was 2nd with 68 points and BrutalSzymon termined 3rd with 60 points. Fourth game was Reverse + Red Corner FFA. Bloodred won this game with 75 points, I was 2nd with 69 points and Dark Rage termined 3rd with 63 points. Fifth game was Special FFA. Destin. won this game with 72 points, Bloodred was 2nd with 67 points and Ivy Cel termined 3rd with 60 points. Final standings were like this: 1st - Bloodred, 2nd - Shikon., 3rd - Destin., 4th - Dark Rage, 5th - lvy Cel, 6th - CarnageFX, 7th - BrutalSzymon, 8th - sima., congratulations!

 Congratulations to everyone! Videos will be uploaded soon! P.S. You can request your awards by sending me a PM.


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 A nice summary mate.


nice work, i rly dont like that u let in 3 random ppl but its ok, fat ffa rly? whats skilled in fat ffa? XD btw who is cheaters and basically toxicity mod? i got mute while being polite and toxic players keep being immune :)


i hope ppl will start to like some other of item mixes like red corner+ reverse which is rly skilled in my opinion, for me its better with red speed, thorner i dont get at all sameto fat, i would include big turn and wall items(like closing walls erase bubbles and "going thru walls" item) and stuff! Good there weren't gspeed ffa its worst game mode for FFA.

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Yeah its really time for a Big Turn tournament. Altough its actually maybe too late.

This is a gamemode that was played alot in past, and there were alot players who were really good at this gamemode and reached some high ranks in it which they maybe wouldnt have in other ranks. It requieres alot of skill, more than RS where we had tournaments imo, so I think one tournament with this item would be just fair. Also it would be something different and maybe there would be some different players on the top than the usual ones.