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Reset of account

Hey guys. I have one question for you. I have played about 150 battles so far, but im not happy with the rank and WR (WinRate).

Can I do something like reset of account? All my premium, colors and icons will stay on my acc but the stats will reset.(I mean I will start from 700 again.)


Thanks! (Sorry for my english.)

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At the past(more than 2 years ago I think) it was possible to reset your stats to 700 and 0 games played, but the option was taken out. I don't know the exact reasons, but I guess it is unrealistic(like a 2nd account) to have 700 rank and 0 games played, if you would have 3k games and skill of 2k.

If you realy want to have other stats, you have to create a new account, but it won't be possible to transfer coins, colours...

In my opinion it is important to have a realistic winrate, as it is clear visible, if you deserve your rank or not. Let's have the case there is somebody with 12 games, 92% winrate and 1700 teamrank, this person would be kicked out of my room(if I'm host) as it is obvious that it is a 2nd account of someone, who has very high skills. But if I see a 1700 with 60% win and 300 games played, I won't have any problem to let this person play at my room(except personal reasons).

Your winrate and amount of played games just shows your experience and how much you improved yourself(as almost everybody has less than 1200 skill, when this person never played CurveFever before) and there won't be anyone(atleast nothing I experienced) who kicks you out of a room, just because you have a low winrate.

As last point I want to mention the rank. Resetting your stats won't improve your skills -> except a possible overrated rank after the first 10 games(with bonus), it will switch to your realistic rank again within a few games, so a reset won't help you.

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In short - no it's not possible! Sorry.