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Reports about Semifinal A.

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Reports about Semifinal A.

Playing on another players account to make them get into the final? Is it acceptable? IF you think it's not then I caught 2 cheaters!

Turkseslipper and Optimus Prime'!

People claim saying Turkseslipper is Superman. who played on her account to make her into the final! Proof:

BLacKYeLLoW claims to say that on Turkseslipper's account is Superman.!

Strange, huh?

Talking about Optimus Prime': She was not on her account, here is proof!

As Squirtle' keeps saying that one of the spectators is the real Optimus!

As many of you saw then our new "champion" Kizza focused on Gilnash in semi to make him lose. I didn't record or screen but here you can see it in Gilnash's behaviour though he is a polite nice guy.

Optimus Prime' tried me to believe that she is real owner of it, because she follows me on Instagram, I have proof what shows that she lied!

So what would be the best solutions! The best solutions will be to DQ Optimus, Turkse and Kizza and let MrPiter, me and Crozzi into final and make refinal!


I hope you won't hate me, I just want fairness to win!!!

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drama again dxdxdxd

maybe no cf2 tournaments anymore?

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Excuse me but what is your problem here? Playing on someone else's account doesnt even make any difference and yeah it is obvious that I DID NOT play on my account, so what? It is not the first and for sure not the last time this is happening.Maybe if you spent time practising instead of playing little detective here, you would have won the tourn.This is just how you cry because you lost.


Congratz kizza :**

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please report tournament issues to tournament moderators, but as far as I see nothing has happen here.

Kind regards

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