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Reporting Vito...

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Reporting Vito...

I want to report Vito... He only plays 1v1 vs 1100 ranked players. I thought their was a rule that you need to play vs players in the top 50. But he never plays against anyone in even the top 100. 



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Exploiting the ranking system

This means any unethical result of the ranking system. An example of this is if a user is in the top 50 of the rankings but is playing a lot of matches against users of <1300 rank. The games are fair and do not break any rules. However, it doesn't look very good does it? They don't really deserve to be at the top if they don't compete against the best players in the game.

If something relatable to that above is observed then moderators will assess the situation. It may not be correct to ban the user, but to preserve the accuracy of the ranking system a rank reduction may be given. A more detailed discussion can be read here.

We (the moderators) will discuss this intern. 

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Dear Aciali,

thank you for your report.
I also got a personal message some time ago reporting him. Meechy Darko sent the right link to this topic already.
Indeed he was and is exploiting the ranking system, even he was playing one game in the past which could be count as a fitting match-up. Taking the first report date I just found around 5 games where opponents had a rank above 1250, most opponents were new accounts or ranked less than 1000, within the last 30 days. There were also suspicious games lasting less than 3 minutes
In the past players were reduced to place 51 in the rankings. This seems a bit too hard here, even the intention is very clear. He is reduced to rank 10.

Kind regards

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