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Reporting Giant Horse Vagina

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Reporting Giant Horse Vagina

Who is cheating?


What rule is he breaking?

Extremely offensive name

What proof do you have?

Giant Horse Vagina. joined the lobby.


There are young kids on this game and I believe it is offensive, abhorrent, abnoxious and repugnant to illustrate and depict such a bad-mannered and barbarian name amongst us.


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Dear SnowyXmas,

thank you for your report.
Name cases are handled by Destin., I will forward this to him.

Kind regards

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The nickname is very inappropriate in such online game. We let him/her 1 week to propose us a new nickname. After that deadline this account will be blocked forever.

The user has received a warning and stronger actions will be taken if it happens again in the future.

Best regards,

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