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Reporting boom babe, Pug., and Arrakis for teamkilling throughout a game.

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Reporting boom babe, Pug., and Arrakis for teamkilling throughout a game.

Who is cheating?

boom babe - (Colour: rasta)

Pug. - (Colour: white)

Arrakis - (Colour: pink)



What rule are they breaking?
All three players have been targeting and killing me throughout a game in which I was part of their team. I am colour Red in this game.

What proof do you have?
I've taken screenshots of the chat and combined a few videos into a compilation of the most obvious teamkills. More explanation can be found below the links.

The screenshots of the chat:

Note to the above: There's a part of the chat that dates back to the FFA game that was played before this team game. Player boom babe quickly made it clear he/she was dissatisfied with me. I've added a note to indicate where in the chatlog the teamgame had started.

I've highlighted the hints at mockery and intention to teamkill and ruin my experience with a yellow outline. I've tried to explain I would be recording these teamkills after I had been targeted several times and teamkilled once already, but that seemed to motivate them to continue. Their repetitive 'report' jokes are a testament to their lack of respect towards not only me, but the rules and guidelines of Curve Fever altogether.


Video of the most obvious teamkills:

Note to the above: I have not included countless attempts of them sticking close to me as they presumably tried to close me in and/or kill me with one or more speed items. This video shows teamkills that are intentional beyond any doubt. Even while some of the players were lagging terribly, it is clear their actions were well within their control and can not be blamed on their internet connections in any of the clips.

Do you have anything else to say?
I've nothing more to state than the fact that I have no clue as to why these three players would intentionally spoil my fun in a game we're all meant to enjoy and collaborate in. I am all for a bit of banter with friends every now and then, but this game has only been exhaustive and unsatisfying for me. Actions like these ruin the spirit of the community that drives Curve Fever, and make for an easier path to repetition if they are not sanctioned properly.
I hope to see a moderator take this report as seriously as I am whilst writing it; I spent a good amount of time trying to do this community a favour.


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Dear user,

thank you for your report.
It's obvious that these players had the main intention to destroy your fun of playing the game. A ban lasting one week for all of them is given.

Kind regards

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