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Regarding the mod "r0ck"

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Regarding the mod "r0ck"

Hi all!

I've seen the moderator "r0ck" recently abusing his/her privileges and also insulting another player.

This is clearly not the bevahiour i expect from a moderator!

regards, phlexx


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Hey phlexx, r0ck ain't no moderator. r0ck used an interlacing to make it look like a moderator came into the room. Which clearly violates the rules. (pretending to be a moderator)

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Meechy Darko on 17 November, 2017 - 17:26
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Dear phlexx,

thank you for your report.
Like Meechy Darko mentioned r0ck is no moderator and pretending to be one is violating the rules. A sharp warning is given.

Kind regards

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