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Recording program

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Recording program

I hear that some people use various screen recording programs to record their plays in CF.

I'd like to do that too, so please could some people suggest to me good programs which I could download to record? I'd prefer programs which are downloadable for free, of course, but I'd be interested to hear about really good paid programs.

I use a Mac.

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I use macbook as well. I recommend ScreenFlow.

So far I've only used three recording programs, if you check youtube or try googling you usually end up with these: Camtasia 2 (mac), ScreenFlow 5.0, QuickTime Player.


  • All export quality up to 1080p (not sure if iMac is different?)
  • QuickTime is built-in program in mac and free.
  • Camtasia and ScreenFlow cost $99 or something. 
  • Screenflow and Camtasia have their own editing section. QuickTime you have to export to iMovie to cut and edit your video. 
  • My mac gets heated up after 10 minutes of recording but I don't get slows in game or lags. The worst I get are teleports, but I can record for two hours straight without any problems (youtube, facebook, spotify or skype are not opened.)


  • Mac style - as a mac user I find it much easier to use than Camtasia that has a PC design.
  • When editing, it sucks at handling imported videos (you get freezes in the application and usually when you export you get black parts for the video). But no problems when exporting videos that you recorded with ScreenFlow. 
  • The application becomes slow especially when the file becomes big or if you have too many recording/editing files. But just delete them after you export your video and its fine. 
  • Computer instantly heats up when exporting - but same for camtasia. One cf game takes about 15min to export. When the file is exporting, my snake in cf becomes like 10x heavier to control. 

Getting Camtasia and Screenflow free:

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  • Camtasia has 30 days free day trial and check youtube for easy way to renew your trial.
  • ScreenFlow also has 30 days free trial but your exported video gets a watermark. You can download a torrent from kickass or piratebay to get the program with a license number

If you find the programs useful, you should pay to support!

I'm still looking for a program or a way to export even higher quality. The colors of the lines always get distorted when exported. 

Anyways, hope this helped!

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I personally prefer OBS (Open Broadcast Software). It's completely free and is mainly intended for recording games. I've seen many people, including famous YouTubers using it.


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I also use Open Broadcast Software. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying to configure but once you have the correct settings its really easy. And of course it's free. 

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I use my phone


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Thank you everyone for your suggestions - much appreciated :)

OMG!!! It's Over 9000!!! (ms lag)

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I've tried QuickTime Player and it works really well except for the sound. I'll try some of the others suggested instead.

OMG!!! It's Over 9000!!! (ms lag)