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Ranking system is very very VERY bad

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Ranking system is very very VERY bad

Curvefever is a really great game, however the ranking system sucks so bad. Players are literally rewarded for not playing. Even if you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd in almost every match you can't rank up, because you get 0-4 points, and if you screw up just once, you lose 8-26 points. And then you have to start over, and then you screw up once and then you get 0 points in 2nd place and yeah the system moohing sucks.

The only way to rank up, is to play just one game a day with the bonus, and then you can rank up. But I want to play more than one game a day:( pls cf. pls

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First game of the Day bonus? Never heard of that tbh.

So, i guess you would like to have a game where you can rank up to 2k at one day, without any effort? That would suck tho. Keep on playing in higher rooms, there is always one or two 1500+ rooms.. You will become better and better, also your rank will go higher.


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Don't play with low ranks and you'll be fine. You could also join red speed rooms and get like +40 by getting lucky against 1,8k rankers.

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