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Ranking system frustrates me deeply..

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Ranking system frustrates me deeply..

Afther some great games agains high ranked players I became rank 1580, but than I played a cople of games agains some 'noobs' of rank 900, It lagged so hard that I lost. It made my rank go to just 1400.. can we chance the ranking system? This is a very serious request, many of my friends also have this problem. Also the players ranked 1650 or higher dont even play anymore because they are affraid of losing from low ranked players because of lagging..


Can we make the ranking system like this: 

Everybody starts at 100 rankpoints, when you win from an other player, who has example 200 rankpoints. You will get 25 points added to your rankpoints. That will give you a total of 125 rankpoints. This means you will get a quarter of the points the other player has more than you. (You had 100 rankpoints, he had 200 rankpoints. You win so you get 25 points because he has 100 points more than you.) When you have 200 points and you defeat a player with 2000 rankpoints you will receave 450 rankpoints, but there is only a small chance you can defeat a player ranked that high. 

When you defeat a player who has less rankpoints than you do, you also get rankpoints, because otherwise you won't play agains those players, and they won't get a chance to get higher... You need to think about that..


Pleas make it like this or something, so you can't LOSE youre rankpoints because of some freaking laggzzzz.. Comment if you think this is a better way.


Thank youuuww

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Lag is a major concern to us.

However, I don't feel that the ranking system is wrong. How it works now, there is a fixed amount of points you can lose in one match, but the actual amount of points you'll gain, is dependent on the strength of your opponents.

In your example: What happens when a player is of same rank (say 100 points) nobody wins or loses points. Give it a bottom limit maybe (say 5 points)? However, do you want it to be a closed point system, that ranks stay more or less the same (now there is no inflation in the total amount of points), or do you want to run it into millions of points?


However, what should change (quickly) is that the ranked matches should be implemented.

Now: each game you can gain a maximum or loose a maximum of 25 points * big room compensation (new players have different formula).


 - Ranked matches: You can gain/loose a maximum of 40 points * big room compensation
 - Unranked matches You can gain/loose a maximum of 10 points * big room compensation

This way, you won't lose so many points to noobs in unranked matches, and you can play ranked matches against people who have equal rank.


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That's great Geert. + Gr33nl33's idea has a flaw: i can get many points and then get my friend to play with. I will lose on purpose and we will feed the new guy because i don't loose points. People would be sitting and don't even play for real.


I think the problem isn't the ranking system at is the ranking system in relation to disconnects or just so hard lags that you can't play any longer. I had the problem which Gr33nl33 described, too.

For example: I earned 50pts in 4 games against players who had a similar strenght like me, in the next game it begins to lag and it was unable to play for me, so I lost the game and about 60 rankpoints. This was so frustrating, I quit playing for the next days.

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I will never be perfect. ADK is in flash and after a longer session flash starts to go slow.