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Ranking System

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Ranking System

Maybe ranking should be based on highest ranks of the month so people can climb and dont rank save, would be better for tournaments like last battle, cos someone could be 2100 but just lost it before tour, rank should be flexible and highest scores of people should be in ranking, this month highest was 2200+ in team for example.

ffa eu top 4.6%
1v1 eu nr. 23
team eu nr. 72
Clan: MDR

I think ranks should reset every month or whatever to the top 10 highest ranks. So it's reset to the lowest top 10 rank. (10th place) and every month you can win 1month premium if you end up first in any of the brackets. ( ffa, team and 1v1). 

Also, i think when deciding the +- of each game for teams, the highest rank should be taken into account but also partially the rank of the other players as 4 2100 players vs 1 2100 player and 3 1800 players isn't entirely fair. If we find the right balance, it should be good but nothing will ever be changed.


I mean it might be nice idea for future cf game