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Ranking System

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Ranking System

The rank system in Achtung, die Kurve! tries to give a good approximation of the strength of a player, while also promoting to play more games with the same account. The rank system in Achtung, die Kurve! is based on the ELO ranking system, which is used for chess and many other sports. However, it is modified for Achtung, die Kurve! to be able to handle multiple results of a game (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), with multiple players.


Every new player starts with a rank of 700. When a game is played, it calculates only for the registered users what the expectation is that they will defeat the other registered users, or become second, third, etc. This is based on their rank. The actual outcome is compared to the expected outcome, and when the player performed better, it will receive points and else it will lose points.

Types of games

In every game players can receive or lose points. But the change in rank will be small for normal games. However when you play a ranked match, you will win or lose much more points.

Rank interpretation

A difference in rank of 400 points means that the higher ranked player has a 10 times bigger chance of winning than the lower ranked player. Or to put it in other words. Out of 10 matches, a player ranked 1400 will win 9 times against a player ranked 1000. The real pro's might come close to 2000 points, but I think that this will be quite an achievement.

New players

A new player always starts with a rank of 700 points. He will gain ranks very quickly, because he gets bonus points in its first matches. The calculations regards new player as much stronger players than their rank suggests, so don't be afraid to play against "new" players. Because their actual strength is bigger than their rank suggests, it shows (new) behind their names so you know that their ranking is artificially low.

Points to be gained in 1 game

The points to be gained in a game can vary greatly. We start of with a point gain of around 12 points when you win a match in a normal 1 vs 1 game, but we might nerve or increase this, as we see fit. Starting players however will gain bonus points in their first few matches. If you playe a bigger game, like with 6 ranked players, we give more points, because it is more difficult to win from all players, and it is also more difficult to lose from all players. However, because the game is more subject to chance effects, the number of extra points is not proportionally larger, but a little bit less.

Team ranks

The team game ranks work the same as FFA ranks, but now the total strength of team 1 is considered against the total strength of team 2. All players in team 1 or team 2 get the same amount of points, except for new players, who can have bonus multipliers. Only ranked team games will get rank points, as for unranked team games, guests might join a team, and form guests you neve know how good they are, and thus might increase or decrease your team strength grealty.

Rank decay and point inflation/deflation

We want to promote playing weekly, and don't want inactive people to show up at the top of the charts. Therefor there is a rank decay. Every week you don't play, you will lose 1% of your points, untill you are at the medium level. Notes: (ffa: play against ranked gamers, team: play in ranked games). This calculation is done per game mode. These points will be spread evenly among all the active players. To prevent point inflation or deflation, there will be a weekly calculation to see if there are too many or too few points overall. The difference will be evened with all active players.


Cheating is off course not allowed. Cheating is considered every action, that is not playing in a normal and fair way, to influence your ranking in a positive way. If ranking cheaters are found, we will investigate the matter, and take actions accordingly. As from now on (March 2012) the consequences will be quite dramatic, with several hundreds of points loss.

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