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Ranking bug

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Ranking bug

Just take a look - from 1819 to 2093 in one game

bug or hack?

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Clan: ADK

Bug, i have seen it before but never with a difference of 100 points(!!!!) Sometimes he makes a wrong calculation, but it gets restored in the next games.


PwnYeAll 1800 +17

PwnYeAll 1810 +11

PwnYeAll 1815 +4


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Clan: MOD


We have found the error in our log, but we need more debugging on this one. It is a bit strange. Keep me noted on other cases.



okay ..

there are different ranking bugs that appear today . it is a huge problem now i think

first here is a achtungmasteradk like case 

he got from 1850 to 2020 in one game by getting third or something and then again from 2020 to 2090 bye getting sixth

all matches played dont appear in any players history

it all started when end of game it didnt show the rank but only: "retrieving rank results".

but thats not the only case . in EVERY game ( since this started) the ranking calculation is wrong. players get -78 or -60 for being 7th or 8th, which is impossible. you can also get 30- 60 points for being first sometimes which is also incorrect. and no matches  u can see in match history

basically you can see the amount of points you gain or lose are drastically increased. but there are also these random +200 rank gains (arsenal,dagga,achtungmasteradk)

yeah and then there are this high amount of server kicks lately.. really sucks at the moment

- Guybrush



Flotter Otto (not verified)

God damn it, i dont to be blocked cause of a mistake like that, i'm scared.... :D


Ok, i am correcting it by myself now :D


i lost much ranks, but the game isnt in the list from 1852 to 1798.