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Ranking the best players - share your rankings!

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Ranking the best players - share your rankings!


I do not usually rank people but since many people seem to be interested of who people rank as their best players I have also decided to express my opinion about that - I am creating this topic instead of making a simple comment because I have decided to rank people in more things than just Green Speed and Thin. 

As you know, there are many different types of players, some of them are better at FFA, some of them at Teams, this is also the main reason why I have decided to make 2 or 3 lists about specific item. I will include the players only who were active in the 4th quarter of 2018 or have been spotted online in this year. I will also write a short description of what charmed me at the player's playstyle that I have decided to put them into this list.

If someone finds this topic offensive, ignore it, it is just my opinion, you do not have to agree. I just want to make myself clear that I have no intentions hurting someone's feelings by publishing this topic. Also, feel free to commentate on this topic if I forgot someone, who is really good - there are many skilful players and it is easy to forget some of them while ranking them like this. I will start with Thin by creating 2 leaderboards of the best 20 players in my opinion - FFA and Teams.

Thin FFA:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

1. Bloodred - Bloodred's main strenghts in FFA are good positioning, amazing pathfinding, passing hard ways and ability to camp very tight. Bloodred is indisputably the best Thin FFA player even though he has not won any Thin FFA tournaments yet.

2. Golden Skill - Golden Skill is known for his capability of making a perfect wall touch which is a big bonus for him. This varied player understands this game's mechanics well and is very successful at FFA, in Thin, too.

3. Nitrogen Dioxide - probably with the most unique playstyle in this game. Nitrogen Dioxide is a good space creator and has an ability to find and pass hard ways.

4. oldghz - woah, Boss! The Boss has not played Thin FFA a lot recently but everyone knows that due to his high gamereading ability he is very successful there.

5. Butko - Butko has not participated in tournaments but he would be very successful there - he has proved it by reaching 2000 FFA rank by playing Thin mostly, only. Butko is a good camper - his half camps and full camps both look magnificent!

6. Kenster - old player who is known for his tight camping capability and amazing gamereading. Kenster is definitely one of the best Thin players of this game.

7. Dark Rage - everyone knows that Kanches loves making half camps but he is also very professional at full camping and pathfinding. Definitely in top 10!

8. CarnageFX - she has improved a lot through year 2018, she has nice gamereading which grants her successful results everywhere. She is also known for "sharp eye" - tricking her is hard, especially in Thin.

9. Freakout - Green Speed player who has mastered his camping skills and can build a camp easily.

10. Mag001 - 3rd place in Thin FFA tournament. Mag001 has an ability to pass hard ways which can surprise the opponents.

11. seim hsv - Thin FFA champion, definitely deserves to be in this list! Known for choosing the best paths which would keep him alive for the longest time possible.

12. .TreS. - many of you underestimate him but he is good at almost every element which is needed for Thin. He has nice camping skills, too.

13. Destin. - Thin FFA is his gamemode - he is always very successful at it. Very talented player.

14. Run. - Run. is very good at everything in Curve Fever 2, Thin is not exceptional, Run. is very good at that, too.

15. Maluco - one of the best campers of this game. He has an ability of a perfect wall touch just like Golden Skill - he can pass very hard ways to the other space which could lead him to the victory of the round.

16. Tell why me - a Thin fanatic. Has wonderful skills in FFA in pathfinding, used to be even more overpowered in past but is still from another class.

17. pleiades - similar player with Run., very good player at everything.

18. Purr. - one of the Boss' members who is known for amazing gameplay which could be because of his high gamereading.

19. kosey - an intelligent player who knows what to do to be as successful as possible.

20. Arrow. - more known for his skills in Green and Red Speed but is also really good at Thin due to his nice pathfinding.

Corner control:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

1. BrainrAge - BrainrAge is good with every item, but his secret weapon is his amazing control with Corner item. Not only the fact that he can camp well with it ( but also his ability to pass the hardest ways possible with Corner item ( - look at his moves with Corner item at last round which begins at 12:04). Amazing, I know, right?

2. patstel - Corner player that is known for his ability to use Corner item very efficiently in survival. He has similar playstyle to BrainrAge which means that he is very skilled at passing hard ways with Corner item, too. Probably his best moment with Corner: (look at his amazing half camp with Corner item from 6:45). Very amazing!

3. BLAcKYeLLoW aka Doge' - the Corner Maestro! After the fact that he is a Thin and Corner champion on Doge' account, BLAcKYeLLoW also has amazing control with Corner item. I do not know whether he is a human or not after seeing this round from 30:53 of this video: Probably the nicest move ever made in a tournament.

I will update this topic soon, stay tuned!

Yours faithfully,


1v1 america nr. 26
team america nr. 10
Clan: NO2

I'm happy u think I'm good at ffa but I blow at it.

I'd say
Bloodred definitely number 1 cuz hes just a genius
Old definitely number 2, patient yet very efficient playstyle
Kizza and Kanches pretty much same style/mechanical skills so they both win #3
Run and Note both win ffa high rooms alot so both win #4
Pug chillin lately but is one of best in game so I'll stick him at 5
.aw3s0me wins alot in high rooms aswell

Clan: Boss

Top 5 Thin players in FFA all time History my opinion: 

Bloodred aka therealmadridcf Representing Finland
Gilnash aka Tobi Representing Austria
Incred Representing America
.Aw3s0me aka Lison Representing Germany
Nitrogen Dioxide Representing America

I haven't put them in any sequence because they all can win vs each other during a ffa game but there is something outstanding about 1 of them which make him very unique and that is Bloodred. His very high iq/genius level combined to his very powerfull willings to win any game makes him the strongest of all i think. 


team america top 5%


Only thing what I can say is that Bloodred is for sure the best player of all the times. This also applies to thin FFA.

But there is one more player who excelled in this game mode and was much better than everyone else, Gilnash. The only player who can compete with Real in FFA.

The other 10 players who belong (in my view) to the best players in this game mode are Golden Skill.Aw3s0meDark RageButkopleiadesNitrogen DioxideCarnageFXseim hsvsnakeysa and Mag001.

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Clan: r4

There are some high ranked speeders with great skill who talk trash about the way Old's playstyle because he gives many (kill) opportunities away. And that always annoyed me.
Real takes a lot of risk but has an insane reaction time and an unseen skill of improvising. He is the god of CF no one doubts that.

Old doesn't win against you by taking unnecessary risk or tries hard kills but instead he destroys you by his "map control" (a term I made up a long time ago), he won't take every opportunity he gets but very much takes every possibility of giving you any chance to counterattack. Once he gets speeds he plays on time while always keeping the upper hand by dominance. He toys around with you until he sees the right opportunity to finish the job. 

If any other speeder done that I couldn't take him serious but the thing which differentiates him from other high speeders is the consistency with he plays this style.

I very much respect this for many reasons, one of them is that I still remember the time he just got into playing speed and I actually made fun of him for not having any mentionworthy speed control but that was never something he aimed for.
Another reason is that this playstyle is so different from any other speeder that I at least always struggle to think what he is gonna do next, unlike with other speeders where I can predict their next few steps ahead.

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team america nr. 29
Clan: Gero

There's one more point that keeps flashing me about Old and Real and that is amazing surivial skill. They literally never die. In 1v1, 1v2 or even 1v3 old and real always find a way to survive and even get the upper position, when other players already give up trying.





Arrow god, definitely deserved spot.

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ffa america top 4.9%
team america top 16%
Clan: Vito

Currently 10 best Thin FFA players imo


Nitrogen Dioxide


Golden Skill

Dark Rage








The best thinners in the game right now are:


Nitrogen Dioxide

Golden Skill



Dark Rage





The best Speeders are







Note: For me theses speed players are above the others in terms of level and quality of play, furthermore two of them have dominated the ranking for ages. not all players can reach 2k . Theses 6 speeders dominate the green speed mode by far

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Clan: TRMP

I'd say for thin