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ffa america top 21%
team america top 26%
Clan: LvLy

On the forum they show your rank for instance as 'team eu best of 0,5%'

Isn't it better to show for everyone what rank they have specifically? The percentage doesn't say anything in my opinion because of the amount of inactive players or not used accounts

So not only top 100 would have 'nr. x' but everyone, I think that is more fun to know?

Or am I completely wrong in this one? haha


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I think maximally it should be nr. 10k and then percentage, no more. Yes, it would be better if they would just put number in the rank is stats, on forum only ranks.


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Yes, I think it would be nice if the rankings could be extended to 1k.

Clan: HC

I agree

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Clan: vS

just top 100 would be nice for me 


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