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somebody can help me with ranking? 
i dont understand ? why some people ask if is this game ranked? everytime is ranking no? 
My FFA is 1427 so this is FFA ranking and every game (exception game with guest) is ranked no? everytime my point go up and down ? sometimes 0 points but others have +x or -x .

Is there some article about this? i cant find it


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if you are in a room there is at the top the setting. there you can see if scaled or full field; if team or ffa; which items; how many players and ranked or not. if you have a unranked game in ffa you get points to, but not very much. if it is ranked you get more points(lose more). at team you only get/lose points if it is ranked. when it is unranked the points dont change



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Hello Cornello

NOWODNY2 sum up it well. For further information, have a look here : 

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Thank you very much! a both of you


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