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Why i get -7? TEAM rank was ok.

17.07 FFA rank 1500

break 5 days 

23.07 FFA rank 1493 

Clan: KOLL

It's not only you, it happens for everyone and this is the case for several weeks now. You'll notice this reduce at the night between saturday and sunday.

Always at the early sunday morning the inactive players lose 1% of their rank(if rank is >1200) and there is a general rankcalculation for the whole game. As result of this there can be a rankdecrease for all active players to match the rank with the amount of active players to avoid rankinflation/-deflation.

Geert wrote:

Rank decay and point inflation/deflation

We want to promote playing weekly, and don't want inactive people to show up at the top of the charts. Therefor there is a rank decay. Every week you don't play, you will lose 1% of your points, untill you are at the medium level. [...]This calculation is done per game mode. These points will be spread evenly among all the active players. To prevent point inflation or deflation, there will be a weekly calculation to see if there are too many or too few points overall. The difference will be evened with all active players.



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I dont like this.
Ty for help.