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Rank Distribution

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Clan: PLAN
Rank Distribution

I was just wondering how much people % there actually is in each rank.

Can we get like a current rank distribution graph, that would be awesome!


Clan: daup

Team: We moved from ca. 50-80 accounts with 2000+ in the past to 0-2 accounts with 2000+ in Team Europe ranking and almost no pro player is consistently active anymore. You are within the top 50 with ca. 1750 ranking. 

FFA: We moved from 50-80 accounts with 2000+ in the past to 0-10 accounts with 2000+ in FFA Europe ranking. You are within the top 50 with ca. 1850 ranking.

Every mode except speed and basic ffa is almost completely gone.

rip cf2.

ffa eu top 0.8%
team eu top 8.6%
Clan: KOLL

hydrowarrior wrote:

I forgot to add that I want to see a graph for CF3, I believe you can already find your % in CF2

For CurveFever3 there is nothing like this yet. For CurveFever2, you can see the placement of players at their forumprofile, if they post/comment something. But you just see the best 1vs1/team/FFA rank, not america + eu ranks. I remember a dev posted long time ago a graph about the overallranking of CurveFever2 and the most players were placed around 1200(also minimum, if you were over 1200 and lose rank due to inactivity). Sadly I can't find it anymore.

@Levit, there are some times missing for your example, because this is now more than a year ago that we had those ranks. But you can clearly proove the drop of the topranks:

Geerts account is the first of CurveFever2 (5 years(365d)+ 3 months(90 d)) so CurveFever2 is about 1915 days old. If you check the matchresults you see at the link that there were around 36679000 matches played untill now, so there is an average of 13-13,5 games per minute as overall average for CurveFever2. However, the last 100000 matches were played at almost exactly 11 days, so we get an average of 6-6,5 games per minute.

This clearly shows that the amount of played games decreased to ~50% of the all-time-average and with this the ranks.



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