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I don't know why it's even possible to get below rank 700, but these days a lot of people want to reach the -rank. For example, yesterday I played a teamgame with 2 guys with a rank of -400. They were losing on purpose. Do something about it? I can't even understand why it's possible to reach the -rank.. 

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Hey Finishing.

It has been decided to not make limit for the rank (lowest or highest). Indeed, some players are decreasing their rank on purpose, sometimes for getting a very low rank. In the past, I used to punish these persons from time to time (per week or 2 weeks), for a period. Then, I realised by letting these players very low ranked, it was an easier way to catch the booster(s), because most of these players are doing this in order to boost an account. So I have prefered not spending a lot of time in that.

I'll probably do a clean up in the coming week, concerning these very low ranked players.

Best wishes

Edit : I have found some time to make this clean up so all the players should have their team rank above 100 points, tomorrow at 04:00, when the rank lists will be updated.

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Calmy on 6 April, 2015 - 15:33

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