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Quickplay Gameplay Video

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Quickplay Gameplay Video

I made a gameplay video of one of my sessions of cf2 quickplay. The video has minimal editing, the waiting times between games are sped up. There is no commentary. This is the games as they came and unfiltered, so expect terrible games inbetween.

This was recorded in february but I did not upload it back then. I have not played a lot cf2 recently but I am sure I will return to cf2 or hopefully cf3.

It was not obvious to all that they were being recorded, so I decided to remove the chat to protect everyones privacy.

I have more raw footage and might post more videos like this in the future. Any feedback is appreciated.

Sorry for the shameless plug, I swear I have also contributed in the past with my older account on this forum.

Greetings Holla die

Hello fellow curve enthusiasts,

I uploaded yesterday's quickplay session and did a few changes:

  • The chat is now included and only censored by me if I deem it necessary.
  • A list of the participating players is in the description so you can check out who is in the video.

There must be some quickplay players reading this forum ?!? Any feedback is appreciated.

Greetings Holla die