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Quick Play (coming soon)

Hello fellow Curvers,

Recently, we’ve been looking at things that could be improved in the game. The controls are easy to understand, you can login as a guest, it’s pretty user-friendly but some things are still difficult. Starting your first game for example can be quite confusing. There’s a lot of options, rooms and stuff happening in-game that can be quite overwhelming for first-time players. Also later on, people hop rooms all the time, enter rooms and leave rooms, which can be a pain if you just want to play. To make this all easier we started thinking about: Quick Play.

Play Now

We want our users to have an easier option to jump into a game and just play. When you're used to the game it’s no problem to start your own server or pick a good room from the lobby. However, especially for newcomers it has to start simple. Therefore we want to get them playing asap in just a regular game (6 player FFA with basic power-ups) that’s where our Quick Play comes in.

Just a simple ‘Play Now’-button to keep things simple. Our algorithm will take care of the rest.


After a player presses the button, we’ll have them enter our matchmaking system.


Note: The next part is still under development and subject to change.

So what happens here? We tried to keep this as fair and quickly as possible for all users.

Basically it can be boiled down to: Quickplay.png

We try to match the player with other players that have a rank close to him. Since we know people want to play and don’t want to wait for ages, we expand the rank radius with time. So the longer you wait, the bigger chance of a match. The match however could be less ideal (more rank difference). We try to balance this out further, after implementation.

When 6 people are matched together we’ll start a game with our famous countdown.

After the countdown we’ll place you straight into a game and start immediately. So you skip the ‘room screen’ completely.

Play! Tidudidudidudu du-du-du dududidu…

End of Game

Now, after the game ends, there’s one additional change. You won’t be able to go back to the room, as you’re used to. Instead, the game will automatically search for new players, add them to the game and automatically start a new game. You can however still leave.

We hope that this will make it a lot easier and quicker to play a game, for everyone.

We will be rolling out Quick Play in a couple of weeks.


Tell us on the forums about your experiences with this system, when it arrives. That way we’re able to adjust and improve this system.

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