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Quick play cf2

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Quick play cf2

I had idea to add in cf2 quick play 'team" when we click quick play we have choise to play ffa or teams or 1v1.Games will be finding faster cause will be not any trolls who stoping game in the lobby so its good idea i think :)

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I simply disagree.

I play FFA almost only Quickplay, but I had to notice that it takes quite a long time now to find a room, if you got ranks around 1600 and higher. Usually it's only possible to play Quickplay for a few hours at the evening. At the past it was different, as more players used that mode. It wasn't hard to get 1,8k or even 1,9k, but now it's very hard to achieve.

FFA is the most played mode in this game, so you can expect a smaler amount of players for team and 1vs1.

Another problem are the players. I think it will be even more problematic with trolls, as you can't kick them before. When I host a ranked teamgame, I usually kick 2nd accounts(with unrealistic rank) and several idiots, but that won't be possible at Quickplay.

So all in all I can't see a positive aspect at this and I see a bunch of problems with this idea.



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Another reasons why not are:

  • they are not working on cf2 anymore
  • main reason why people buy premium is to create team games
  • many people play teams with friends
  • it would require many quickplay modes like thin, gs, special and so on, and it would be evan harder to find players