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Hey guys and girlss,

I am new here and i do have some questions about this game.

1. Is there an real clan leaugue or only the premier leaugue where it is 2 vs 2?
2. Are there any official clan websites?
3. Is there something like an irc channel where u guys keep in touch and can settle matches etc?
4. Are there any other helpfull sites which are related to this game? (didnt rly found one on google)
5. Are there any rules for starting a clan, such as registrating etc?

Thats it, hope u guys can help me out.



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Clan: MOD

Hey Klooty,

Well, I think we can be quick :) . We don't have any advanced clan system. We are still looking for partners who want to pick this up and integrate it with CF. Maybe you want to start this?

As for other sites, we have a teampeak server I believe:

But we are open to connections with other sites.

Best regards,