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Question to Moderators/Admins - Changing Clan Admin?

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Question to Moderators/Admins - Changing Clan Admin?

Hey Guys,

I'd like to ask one of the moderators or Admins whether it's possible to change the admin of a clan to another person. Some months ago some friends and me created 0000 clan, but only ingame with chat tag. Now we wanted to create it "really", but we saw there is already a clan 0000 with only one member. That guy is inactive for almost 2 years now, so I don't think he will join the game back. Here is the member:

I wonder if it's possible to give his rank of the clan admin to me so that me and my friends can register and join it real on curvefever clans and start some clan wars etc.

Thanks for your support!



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As you can see there is a grey symbol next to the name. This symbol tells you that the clan is inactive according to the clanrule 4.1( ).

This means you can register a new clan with this clantag and the old clan will be deleted.

How to do it?:

1. Login at clanwebsite

2. click at top left(below your name) on "(Get clan!)"

3. click on the field of "Register a new Clan"(not "Join an existing Clan" as you did)

4. type in the clanname you wanted(0000)

5. clcik at the bottom "Save your clan!"

Now you are leader of the new clan 0000

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Thanks mate for your answer.