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Question to Developers of the Game.

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Question to Developers of the Game.


 Amount of players of Curve Fever 2 has been drastically decreasing for a long time. It can also be seen by lack of different rooms. That is why I have decided to create this topic and see what is the future for Curve Fever 2.

 So, about 2 months ago, I got into a room which had such discussion:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Yagreus: i am texting him now on snapchat

Yagreus: gimme a moment

Geert: cool

Yagreus: hes in class

Galileo.: whats the problem

Shikon.: what happened with Kirk, Geert? why do you want to talk with him?

Geert: in class?

Galileo.: what did he do

Geert: how old is he?

Shikon.: 18

Galileo.: 18

Yagreus: hes 18

Geert: ok, nice age

Geert: well, yeah, would love to talk with him

Geert: he did nothing wrong

Shikon.: you need his suggestions?

Yagreus: check pm geert

Galileo.: is he person who gave away 1000€

Galileo.: for prems on cf

Geert: naah, that was not him

Shikon.: did someone rly waste 1k euros on prems?

Shikon.: spent*

Galileo.: waste*

Shikon.: xd

Geert: there are rich people lol

Shikon.: matter of contect

Shikon.: context

Shikon.: how many people still buy prem in a month, is it a secre,t Geert?

Geert: quite a lot

Geert: all the casuals left

Geert: but the die hards remain

Geert: and they buy

Shikon.: how much you get cash from prem?

Shikon.: secret?

Geert: no, not a secret Geert: 4.99 euro for 3 months and 9.99 eur for a year

Shikon.: nah, I meant, in total

Shikon.: in month

Geert: that is a secret :)

Yagreus: so Geert

Yagreus: fr tho

Yagreus: youve got any plans for cf 2?

Yagreus: or not at the moment?

Galileo.: yes, he plan that all cf2 players will start playing cf pro

Pjiushi: no way

Geert: :yes:

Geert: cf2 will eventually be included in the family like a game mode

Geert: a classic game mode

Geert: just with different visuals

Geert: and slightly different powerups

Geert: but when that will happen, I don't konw

Galileo.: can't wait for that

Yagreus: Geert

Yagreus: i play from america

Yagreus: and it lags af

Yagreus: any tips

 Geert: play, it has USA servers

Pjiushi: move to england

Galileo.: play on your server yagreus hahaha

Geert: other than that, I don't know

Galileo.: on america server :p

Yagreus: I tried cf pro

Geert: move to EU yeah

Yagreus: i am bad it

Geert: move to New York

Geert: where you from Yagreys?

Yagreus: im in michigan

Geert: where is that?

Geert: chicago?

Yagreus: its east side

Yagreus: yes

Yagreus: near chicago

Yagreus: but closer to europe

Geert: mmm Yagreus: i tried out cf pro

Geert: yeah, move to New York or move to Germany

Yagreus: xD

Geert: no Trump there :)

Pjiushi: yes

Geert: not so cold

Yagreus: thanks man Geert

Galileo.: good tip

Yagreus: you really saved my life with that one

Pjiushi: move to a whole new country just to get a better connection for one game

Pjiushi: l0l

Geert: lol

Geert: sounds like a great thing to do indeed :)

Yagreus: Geert can i get an extra title for me

Yagreus: smthn like

Shikon.: sry, back

Yagreus: Ya boi yagreus is here

Pjiushi: cirnge

Pjiushi: ._.

Yagreus: or maybe

Pjiushi: cringee

Shikon.: Geert

 Note: Ignore the text that is not in bold.

 As it is clearly seen in this chatlog, Geert and his crew does not have any plans to stop with Curve Fever 2. We all know that by the end of 2020, Flash will have stopped supporting Curve Fever 2 which means that people will not get access to the servers and cannot play it anymore. Not many people know that Geert actually has some plans with Curve Fever 2 - that means that they will leave the game because in their opinion, there is no point playing the game, that dies anyway really soon, anymore. Many people have been deluded by a fact that after Curve Fever 2 will be closed, the only multiplayer Curve Fever game will be Curve Fever Pro. In my opinion, Geert should announce on this forum whether he really has any plans with Curve Fever 2 (as he stated in Curve Fever 2 chat mentioned above ^) or not. Maybe many players (especially skilled ones) would consider staying to this game because of that. 

 About new Curve Fever 2 in Curve Fever Pro family, I am not so sure if it will be "Curve Fever 2 remastered" or not because of different visuals and different power-ups but I really hope that Geert's crew could make it as similar as possible to the nowadays Curve Fever 2 because this is what most of the people like here. Maybe if it will be part of Curve Fever Pro family, it would get updated again to the right direction! That also means that there would be less lags because in my opinion, Curve Fever Pro now is not as laggy as Curve Fever 2. In my opinion, Curve Fever Pro is more enjoyable for me now but I still prefer playing Curve Fever 2 because it is more competitive and has Team-mode which is really cool! About "competitive" : it used to be more competitive when many good players that have quit for now were still around. I really hope that Curve Fever 2 will have future after Flash stops supporting (by adding something like Curve Fever 2 remastered to Curve Fever Pro family) because the game is unique and it cannot be fully replaced by any game, keep it in your mind!

 So, my question for the developers of this game is if there really are any plans with Curve Fever 2 like Geert mentioned in this chatlog?

For other players: you can give some feedback of what you think of it.

Thank you for your time,


P.S. Sorry about the clumsy wording, I put my thoughts here in a hurry.

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We all know that by the end of 2020, Flash will have stopped supporting Curve Fever 2 which means that people will not get access to the servers and cannot play it anymore.

That's where you're wrong. Flash won't be supported, but it doesn't mean that people will not get access to the servers. They will still have access to the servers and they will be able to play just like now. There won't be any more updates to the flash, but it won't affect the game at all. You can now play on the old flashplayer version and it works just fine.

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Hmm, that's interesting, kwap. If I remember it correctly then when I asked Averazon about, I got a similar reply to what I wrote about this.


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* About that, a mistake.

Its Land M

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Geert is a beta

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I can tell you it's currently not on our planning for the upcoming month(s).
Some of the CF2 functionality will still be added to CFP such as friends, teams and probably clans as well.
But we currently don't have any plans for a CF2 gamemode.

As for Flash, you will still be able to play the game from the Flash player as long as we keep the servers up.
Those two are independent.
Wether or not we keep the servers up completely depends on the amount of players that still play the game.
But by that time i'm sure we'll have an official statement about it, no decissions have been made for that yet and will probably not be made for a while.