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Question about the ranksystem

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Question about the ranksystem

As the rankings are based on the ELO-system I would like to ask, if they have the same issue as the normal formula. Doing some calculations with the original formula from chess, I found an issue, that you win less points by winning more games. Here ingame the issue could possibly appear at FFA games.

The problematic case is the following:

Player A(1500) winning a solo game against Player B(2500) and wins X points for that.

Player A(1500) playing a tourney with 7 rounds and wins 7/7 against B(2500) and C-H(1000) and wins Y points for that.

-> X>Y

Reason: At tournaments the games are calculated all together and not seperated. The low ranked players drop the average rank and enlarge the expected amount of points. Caused by this the percentage of expected points towards the gained points is growing. At one game against 2500 the expected amount of points is ~0/1 while the expectation at the example of the tournament is ~5,8/7. The formula takes at tournaments the sum of the expected points against all opponents and the average rank, which cause the drop of the "power" of this one win against a high opponent.


At CurveFever we could have this case at FFA(e.g. 3 player 1500 vs 2500, 2500 or 8 player 1500 vs 2*2500, 5*1000) and I'm not quite sure yet if it has the same issue or not. So it would be interesting, if a dev can answer this.