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Purposely Lagging?

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Purposely Lagging?


Lately I've experienced many CF3 players claiming my curve is lagging. On my side of the client, however, I see nothing wrong. Steady ping, fps etc. None of the curves seem to be lagging.

What really concernes me, is several players calling me a cheater, supposedly using the lag to gain an advantage in the game. Obviously, I've already taken certain measures to investigate it further. What I found out, is that indeed, my curve started to lag after playing continiously 3-4 matches, when inspecting the game from my friend's PC perspective. The lag does occur randomly, and having both decent PC and internet connection, I see no solution to the problem yet. 

Asking further, I realized that I am not the only one with such problem. I even noticed individual curves I've met in random arena matches that behave in similar way. Therefore I'd like to know if someone else here experienced, or noticed such lag, and might have a solution to it. With upcoming tournament, I'd be grateful to have it solved as soon as possible.

Sincerly, McPJ

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What's your result from an Ookla speed test to a server in the Netherlands? If your upload speed is very poor then this could be a reason. Also how does your ping look over time? Does it stay at the same level or does is really change a lot? If you use wi-fi this could be the case.

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If you have network lag/delay your own curve will still go smooth but for other players it'll look like it flops around.

Might be a bit technical but basically you're telling the server I press left on time T.
Then the server sends this data to other players that you pressed left on time T.

Because of the delay the other players would be much further in time so we have to reverse the game back to time T and then apply your change and go forward again to the current time.


We have something planned to improve this a little so that other players are less effected by this.
So then if the delay between sending is too much your own curve will look laggy instead of that it looks laggy for other players.
The system was mainly designed so that your own experience for controlling the curve is as smooth as possible.


This problem/bug has been for a long time in cf2 and it is also in cf3. For me and some others the game is well synchronized when joining a room but the game will become very laggy after little time. It usually happens in a few minutes but it might happen earlier or later as well. The only way to solve it is by rejoining the room.

The bug happens in the way that either you see everyone very laggy or everyone else sees you very laggy. Both of them can't happen at the same time. The bug happens even if download speed, upload speed and ping are very good.

For some players it happens often and for some players almost never. It is very annoying in cf2 but in arena in cf3 you have to join some other room after every game so it doesn't matter so much.

It certainly is a bug and not just a result of how the game is made.

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Thanks for pointing it out. I have to say that the syncing in CF2 and CF3 are totally different. As for CF3, we found a big bug that most likely caused the behaviour you experienced. Now it is fixed, it should happen way less.

As for the CF3 syncing, the algorithm behind it is much sturdier than the CF2 syncing. So the behavior you describe should not happen, if there are no bugs in CF3.

Hope my answer helps you out. And please let me know if nothing changes for you in CF3. (also let me know otherwise ;))


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While I didn't notice any issues with my ping (steady 15ms), the upload speed to a server located in Netherlands seems pretty low, barely exceding 1Mbps. I ran the test on my laptop connected to Wi-Fi, which I usually use for Curve Fever. My desktop PC scored much better in the tests, which leads me to the conclusion that wireless Wi-Fi connection might be the issue.

I mostly play Curve Fever at school though (don't judge :D), which I am unable to put to latency test at the moment. What I can confirm, however, is that very ocasional lags occured to me and my friends at school as well, regardles of PC/MAC model. My school network is quite beefy to be a public hotspot, so up/download speed is not a problem. I live in Norway, if that would be in any significance to server-client connection.